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Fabulous at 40!

Fabulous at 40!


First established in July 1975 as part of Aalco metals, when it represented the company’s first foray into the brave, new world of plastics, Amari Plastics is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Following its formation and the establishment of a head office in Weybridge, Surrey, it quickly grew to encompass 13 strategically located branches around the UK, each of which offered its own conversion facilities, local delivery vehicles and enough stock on the shelves to meet the demands of the local sign and display market.

Now, 40 years on, Amari Plastics boasts 27 UK-based centres, employs over 400 employees and still maintains the decentralised model that provides each local centrewith the freedom to optimally serve its own local market.  In addition to 15 generalist Amari Plastics locations, there are also 12 specialist businesses that service specific areas of the market and trade under their own identities, but which are wholly owned by Amari Plastics. These include businesses such as UKAP, which specialises in the provision of packaging films for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries, Self-Adhesive Supplies, a leading 3M tapes distributor and AI International, a leading supplier of engineering plastics to the industrial market.

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In 1999, Amari Plastics was acquired by its current shareholders as their first venture into the plastics distribution business and 16 years later, Amari is now part of the leading global distributor of plastics, with USA businesses that include Laird Plastics and Port Plastics, Dotmar Industries in Australasia and Amari Plastics, which in Europe is known as Vink Plastics.

Duringthe 40 years that Amari Plastics has been operating it has seen the sign and display sectors go through a period of immense change, in terms of the products offered and the customers serviced, as well as the competitor landscape. Companies such as Mooney Plastics, William Cox Plastics, Visijars, Tuckers, V T Plastics, Vulcascott, Pinnacle Film & Display, Graphic & Display, Multiplastics, Frontier Plastics and Westward Plastics, all familiar names within the industry, have fallen by the wayside.

Commenting on the mammoth changes that have taken place, and the company’s longevity, Andy Carroll, Managing Director of Amari Plastics said: “We are extremely proud to reach this 40th Anniversary milestone, an achievement that we believe has been built on integrity and the importance of maintaining long-term relationships. It speaks volumes that we still have customers and suppliers with whom we have traded since day one, plus dozens of employees who have been with us for the majority of that time.”

To mark its 40th year,the Amari Plastics centres will be arranging many special events that will involve both staff and customers, plus a supplier event that will enable them to thank all of those companies whose market leading brands that Amari Plastics offers to the market.

Jamie Manifold,Amari’s Manager Supplier Relations,added: “We have spent 40 years setting the standards of innovation, service and quality that the rest of the industry follows and with the financial support of our owners and our knack of providing the right products in the right place at the right time, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t go on for another 40 years – at least!”

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