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FD Signs invests in Kongsberg X24 Edge from CMYUK

FD Signs invests in Kongsberg X24 Edge from CMYUK
Following the installation of a Kongsberg X24 Edge digital cutting table from CMYUK, FD Signs has reported that the new cutter has enabled it to complete £20k worth of business during the machine’s first fortnight of operation.

Currently, FD Signs, which is based in west London is producing and installing hundreds of Perspex sneeze screens and desk dividers for a national telecommunications client in preparation for the return of staff to its offices in Scotland, Cornwall, Birmingham and Ipswich.

Fintan Delaney, the company’s Managing Director, explained: “The response to our social media around this job has been immense, and as a result we’re getting phone calls every day about our Perspex work from both existing and new customers. We’re definitely going to see an upturn in sales!”

Already the company is realising the savings that so many other Kongsberg users have already enjoyed. For example, regular work for a long-standing customer that involved the printing and cutting of 500 banners used to take a day and a half, but with the Kongsberg that job now takes just 20 minutes

“I ask myself, why didn’t I buy one before?” said Fintan. “The savings are huge, but it’s not only that – it’s the quality of work that we’re sending out. Every single one of those banners is the same size. If you’re cutting by hand – it doesn’t matter how good or skilled you are – by the time you get to 50 or 60 you’re going to get distracted. Now when you’re bundling them up, you can tell that each one is perfect and as a result, they are far easier to package and look much better too.”

It was a huge contract win in the early stages of the first Lockdown, which involved supplying large volumes of interior and exterior floor graphics for London Underground stations, that originally prompted the purchase of the Kongsberg X24 Edge.

“It was just an enormous amount of work”, said Fintan. “We really struggled to deliver the numbers required, which was something like 7,000 items per day, which we had to produce on three vinyl roll cutters. We ran about like crazy people trying to see if any other sign companies could help relieve the burden, but so many of them had decided to remain closed.”

FD Signs produced about 750,000 floor graphics in total, which also included work for Tramlink, HS2 and Transport for London.

Fintan continued: “We were working 24/7 and everyone was really piling the pressure on. It was at this point that we thought there must be an easier way of doing this and we realised it was time to take a step up.”

Fintan had considered various different cutting technologies, but it was Tim Boore, CMYUK’s Senior Digital Sales Consultant, who encouraged him to plump for the Kongsberg cutter. Fintan had met Tim several months earlier, and had instantly built a rapport with him, so when it came to buying a digital cutter, Tim and CMYUK was his first port of call.

He confided: “I really liked Tim. He was very knowledgeable, trustworthy and memorable. I was also made really welcome at the CMYUK demonstration facility too and was impressed with both the company and the Kongsberg X24 Edge it showed me. One of Kongsberg’s key attributes is that it adapts to the needs of your business and enables you to add new tools as and when required.”

FD Signs purchased the router, utility and kiss-cut knives and is running i-Cut software for optimised workflow efficiency. Since installation, the company has been working flat out and has not yet had the opportunity to really experiment with the equipment and explore its full functionality.

Fintan observed: “We haven’t had much of a chance to play about with the i-Cut software. Thus far, the work we’ve been doing on it is fairly basic stuff – cutting out lots of squares – but as time goes on, we’ll become more experienced, ambitious and braver, and will be outputting far more complex things as well.”

If the first 14 days are anything to go by, the arrival of the Kongsberg is going to dramatically impact FD Signs. Its speed has prompted the business to take on new work, while the Kongsberg’s versatility will enable it to expand into new application areas too. With such a powerful workhorse on its premises, FD Signs no longer needs to outsource any work, thus ensuring the tightest turnaround times and total production control.

Fintan concluded: “I’m confident that the level of quality that we can now offer will generate more work for us because it already has. We can enjoy new revenue streams with new products, and by doing so have built-in real business resilience. If we ever get into the same situation as we did at the start of the first Lockdown, we would be able to deal with it without having to work 24/7 and we can also upgrade what we’ve been doing for existing customers by showing them alternative versions that just look so much better.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our investment!”


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