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Flexibility meets durability

Flexibility meets durability


Sihl has introduced PolySOL PET Fabric SA 370, a self-adhesive, finely structured polyester fabric for the production of brilliant, high-quality prints with vibrant colours and high contrast.

Optimised for use on all standard solvent-based inkjet printers, it can also be printed with latex inks. The flexible, yet high tear resistance of the base material, along with the resistance properties of the coating itself, ensure diverse interior and exterior applications, thus making PolySOL ideal for flexible decoration on walls at exhibitions and events, as well as in private households, shops, restaurants, hotels or other public spaces.

Interior designs can be produced quickly for time-limited use, including the production of stickers. Thanks to the optimal adhesive properties, no professional application skills are required when using the printed panels as wallpaper, for furniture decoration or as photographic prints. The highly tear resistant Sihl PolySOL easily adheres to different surfaces, is eminently repositionable and allows residue-free removal after use, thanks to the low-tack glue. The elegant fabric structure of the waterfast prints also makes it suitable for outdoor use for up to 18 months, without any extra surface protection.

Digital print company AMPM Technical Services, which has been producing inkjet-printed wall coverings for more than ten years, used PolySOL PET to decorate Child First Nurseries’ manufacturing centre in Milton Keynes, due to its ability to adhere to most surfaces. The project, which involved covering both an area of plasterboard wall and wooden doors, demanded an eco-friendly covering that combined durability with aesthetic appeal and an ability to be completely removed without damaging the underlying surfaces.


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