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Get modeling with Delcam

Get modeling with Delcam


Delcam will demonstrate its new real-time modelling tools in the 2015 release of its ArtCAM Pro signmaking software on Stand H36

The new putty tool enables models to be edited by picking an area to be moved, swirled, pinched or puckered.  It will be especially valuable when creating a series of variants on a repeating element in a design, such as a number of flowers making up a bouquet, or subtly changing the details of a design such as facial expressions.  Together with the existing 3D tools in ArtCAM Pro, it will help the most ambitious designers create any shape they can imagine.

Another significant change is the ability to create and edit 3D shapes in real time, thus enabling the user to see changes instantly. In addition to the new putty tool, options now operating in real time include the shape editor, the two-rail-sweep tools, and the extrude, spin and turn modelling tools.

The 2015 release includes new tools to speed up the editing of vectors.

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