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Giving it large with Summa

Giving it large with Summa

Summa will be launching its new F2630 flatbed cutter, the big brother of its popular F1612 machine, on Stand K55 in Hall 7.

With a working area of 2.65m x 3.05m, the new Summa F2630 cutter enables signmakers and print providers to process larger media without compromising on performance and functionality, whilst also providing them with the opportunity to process two media rolls at once, by placing them next to each other on the roll support system.

In addition, the same wide set of tools that is available on the F1612 will also be available to users of the F2630 too, thus facilitating the use of a kiss cutting tool to achieve a high level of detail when working on thin film, cut out tools when working on all sorts of plastics andoscillating tools, in combination with creasing wheels and V-cut knives, for cardboard and foam boards.Furthermore, a 1kW router is available for use with hard materials,such as PVC, acrylic, wood or aluminium covered boards.

Summa’s Marketing Director, Geert Pierloot, explained the rationale for the new machine, by saying: “Although the F1612 has been a tremendous success, customers have been asking for a larger equivalent and the F2630 is our response.

“We know that the typical F1612 customer is a signmakerwho appreciates the diversity and flexibility of the unit and believe that signmakers will be equally enthusiastic about this latest innovation, but we also feel that it will appeal to users working in the packaging, textile and leather markets too, as we can offer tools for use with all of these applications.”

The cutter’s working surface of more than eight square metres is split into 12 vacuum zones, each of which can be automatically switched on or off individually, enabling the machine to be used to process large boards, sheets or rolls..

Moreover, byusing the tandem mode, the active working area on the flatbed can be divided into front and back processing areas, enabling the user to load and unload material on one end of the table, whilst cutting material on the other end of the table, thus avoiding idle periods and adding significant value to the overall workflow.

The first F2630 installations are expected in Autumn 2015. Pricing depends on the overall configuration, but most companies will be able to acquire a machine for around 100.000€.

Summa will also be showing its S Class 2 and SummaCut cutting plotters and the DC5 thermal transfer printer/cutter and all of its cutters come bundled with a wide range of accessories, consumables and software.

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