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Going global

Going global


Turkish Airlines flies to over 98 countries and 200 locations, more destinations than any airline in the world and, in order to visually represent the full breadth of its operations, it chose to create an iconic structure featuring a giant globe, for installation at Heathrow, the world’s third busiest airport.

The globe is made up from 16 individual sections, each of which now features graphics produced by Signs Express (Basildon) depicting the longitude and latitude points of the world.  The project, which is the largest that Signs Express (Basildon) has ever tackled, took 3,500 man-hours to complete!

Due to the mammoth size of the structure – each section is the size of a house – Signs Express worked on a single piece at a time, taking great care to ensure that the graphics would align perfectly when the globe was finally assembled. Once installed by Fab Media, the company responsible for organising all of the ground works, the globe, which has an impressive 6.5m diameter, was suspended from a 7.5t steel plinth.

Signs Express (Basildon) also added detailing to the five Boeing 777 planes that adorn the globe, each of which has a wingspan of over two metres and is liveried to faithfully represent Turkish Airline’s branding,  In addition, it was commissioned to produce the illuminated lettering around the globe’s base which records the many destinations that Turkish Airlines reaches, plus the digitally printed graphics for the large scale a advertising hoarding that curve around the whole of the installation area.

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