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Graphics Works boosts production with the Acuity LED 3200R

Graphics Works boosts production with the Acuity LED 3200R

When it was first introduced at Drupa last year, the Acuity LED 3200R UV inkjet printer caught the eye of Graphics Works Director Peter Barham, and in December 2016 his company became the first in Europe to install this 3.2 metre wide roll-to-roll printer.

Peter Barham explained: “We went to Drupa specifically to look for a wide format machine that would increase the maximum width we could accommodate and help to boost our overall productivity. We compared the Acuity LED 3200R with machines from other suppliers, but there were two things that really clinched it for us: one was the quality of the Fujifilm ink, which we felt was noticeably superior to that of its rivals, and the other was the level of service and support that we knew Fujifilm could provide.”

The company already owned four Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600s,and waspleased with both the efficacy of the machines and the help and training it had received from Fujifilm.

Peter Barham continued:  “As we were running multiple machines, Fujifilm was very willing to provide service training to enable us to manage most predictable maintenance issues in-house, thus ensuring maximum uptime and minimal disruption.”

Graphics Works, based in Milton-Keynes, specialises in the production of premium wallpaper coverings for high-end brands across a range of sectors, from hotels to the high street. It made its first foray into the LED UV ink market in January 2015 with its first Acuity LED 1600 printer, which doubled its production speeds and cut production costs by 20 percent. Such was the immediate success that the company had added another three Acuity LED 1600 machines by the end of that year.

Peter reported: “All four of our Acuity 1600s are now being used for a variety of applications: wallpaper predominantly, but also vinyl graphics, window film, posters and carton work, where the white and clear ink options are an important extra benefit. The installation of the 3200R has increased our capacity yet again, this time by at least 50 percent, due to the increased print speeds it can achieve (up to 110m2 per hour). As well as boosting productivity, this has enabled us to further slash turnaround times. Even on substantial orders, the lead times we now achieve are regularly half what would have been expected two to three years ago.

“The anti-banding function on the 3200R also gives us a speed increase and provides a dispersed edge to the print passes, allowing faster print modes to be used without banding. We intend to transfer a lot of heavy production from the 1600s to the 3200R, with the benefits of greater print speed, ink savings and the convenience of bulk ink supply, which is particularly important because we run the machines 24/7. We’ve found the 3200R to be an especially good machine to run through the night, as it has a particularly robust feed mechanism and it can be configured to email alerts in the event of any errors.”

He concluded “As well as the increased width we can now offer to customers, we regularly take advantage of the dual roll capability, freeing up the four 1600 machines to be used for higher value, creative work and sampling.All in all, the 3200R hasproved itself to be a an investment that was well worth making!”

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