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Gripping Displays!

Gripping Displays!

Stock Displays has broadened its inventory to include an extensive array of banner stands, fab banners and stock colour snap frames, but perhaps its most striking new addition is the ‘Grippit’,  a range of frames comprising slats and a rubber section that enable notices or tile signs to be positioned easily and without the need for pins or magnets.

There are three options to choose from, including the Grippit Wall Frame, which has aslimline aluminium frame and is just 16mm deep, making it perfect for use in indoor locations. Light weight and incredibly durable, it simply attaches to the wall to provide an interchangeable, yet cost effective display.

The Grippit Lockable Frame is housed within an exceptionally robust frame that features a 55mm wide, heavy duty profile and a high security lock and hinge system.

The Grippit Post Frames, which are ideal for displaying posters and messages in public locations, combine a high security lock with durable, 3m long aluminium posts to provide maximum visibility..

The Grippit system is especially popular for use in sensitive areas, such as hospitals or schools, as the pin and magnet free noticeboard is easily cleaned, thus eliminating both the risk of cross contamination when changing notices, and he possibility of small compnnents being misplaced.

Stock Displays offers all three products on a bespoke service, with a three-day lead-time.


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