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Growing décor opportunities with HP at Heimtextil

Growing décor opportunities with HP at Heimtextil

HP has unveiled a new collection of digitally printed interiors in designer curated rooms at the Heimtextil exhibition, which is currently taking place in Frankfurt.

Each room serves a specific purpose, as HP continues to grow digital décor printing opportunities for sign and print companies and creative possibilities for designers.

HP also introduced HP Indigo Wallpaper, an HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press solution for wallpaper manufacturers to transition from analogue production to a digital colour printing process with gravure quality, and benefit from on-demand printing, faster time-to-market, and reduced waste.

In collaboration with a team of designers led by Jennifer Castoldi, each concept room at HP’s Heimtextil stand tells a story that comes to life using HP Latex and HP Indigo décor printing technology. The designs tackle contemporary issues, such as aging, sustainability, global warming and endangered species in interior settings, including a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dentist’s office.

 Jennifer Castoldi, CEO and Chief Creative Director at Trendease International, said: “With HP digital décor printing, interior design applications have amazing possibilities. Any idea of any size can come to life anywhere, on wallcoverings, printed flooring, textiles and furniture. This technology is a creativity enable,r providing new opportunities to designers.”

The HP Indigo Wallpaper launch is yet another example of the growing HP print technology portfolio for décor. For high-volume endless printing or a new design every metre, the new HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press Wallpaper solution is capable of producing endless printing at 1515 sq.m. per hour with a 74 cm width.

The industry-proven HP Indigo 20000 is digitally programmed for repeat, frameless printing, making it ideal for repeated pattern wallpaper applications and more. Wallpapers for the press are available to HP customers through suppliers such as Felix Schoeller and Van Merksteijn.

HP also recently announced a new range of durable textiles certified for HP Latex printers to produce soft signage and décor applications, combining durability and outstanding print quality with the benefits of water-based HP Latex technology. The new textiles from select media vendors expand possibilities for durable HP Latex printing for soft signage and also enable new décor applications, including curtains and blinds, cushions, lampshades, and bags, on materials made from 100 percent cotton, cotton linen or polyester. Some of the new textiles can also achieve washability with a heating process after printing.

HP Latex water-based inks now also received ECO PASSPORT Certification from Oeko-Tex, for textile applications. Key benefits of Latex printing technology are print quality and sustainability benefits.

“The environmental strengths of Latex are unbeatable, making it the technology the choice of hospitals and schools,” said Terry Raghunath, Business Development Manager for HP printed decorative applications. “With our Latex water-based technology, there is no odor during or post-production.  Prints are bright and detailed from material to material and users can deliver a wide range of applications and formats.”

The HP stand at Heimtextil (Hall 6, C11) features the company’s latest collection of digitally printed design and décor applications. Ranging from a dentist’s office with antibacterial wallpaper, to a lounge with sound absorbing sofas and OLED Wallpaper, the rooms illustrate what’s possible with digital printing in interior design and customised interior decoration, of any scale.

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