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Harrisons Signs get a competitive edge

Harrisons Signs get a competitive edge

In order to support future growth and meet increasing customer demand for fast turnaround jobs, Harrisons Signs recently made the decision to invest in a new Mimaki SUV wide format printer to optimise workflow and productivity.

Peter Robinson of Harrisons Signs explained: “With our high workload, we were starting to have production bottle necks, which we were keen to eliminate. Having used Mimaki printers for the past decade or more, including a JV3, followed by a JV33 that is still providing great service, we were happy to accept an invitation from PaperlinX to test drive the Mimaki SUV in its demonstration suite, where the quality of the output achieved blew us away.  That, together with our previous experience of the brand persuaded us to place an order on the very same day!”

Harrisons3webOf particular interest to Harrisons was the instantly dry print delivered by the new printer. Peter continued: “The speed of the whole job is an essential real-world calculation and the SUV has provided us with a new level of flexibility. Much of the time, we’re cutting out post-print processes, such as laminating which makes us more competitive and efficient.”

He estimates that as a result, the business is enjoying an efficiency gain of around 25 percent and, in addition, the SUV has also has enabled it to offer its customers extra services, citing as an example the fact that previously a 30m print run might have taken as long as  four and half hours to output, while now it is reduced to around  three to three and a half hours, which represents a significant time saving

He added: “We’ve also got new products coming off the SUV too, such as 1.5m pull-up banners. We don’t need to laminate them because of the toughness of the inks, the colours jump off the media and they’re quick and easy to produce.  Furthermore, since we don’t need to allow extra time for drying or degassing of the output,  the print can be trimed and packed ready for despatch the instant it comes off the printer.”

Peter went on to say that these new found efficiencies have become a key factor in customer retention. He concluded: “With a similar technology and interface to our other Mimaki machines and the fact that that we received an excellent level of onsite training from PaperlinX, the transition to the SUV was virtually seamless – it’s been one of our best ever buys!”



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