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Heads up for wood

Heads up for wood

A new floating router head attachment is now available for the ZM moving column vertical panel saw range from Zapcut, which will be of special interest to signmakers, especially those grooving or edging timber and timber-related sheet products.

Switching between saw and router head processing is fast and easy, thus enabling a single operator to quickly size and rout sheet materials with no repositioning of the work piece. Depth of groove is set with a simple twist dial, while the ‘floating’ design of the router head ensures a consistent depth of cut even on thinner materials that might bow and bend during processing.

ZM panel saws cater for sheet sizes ranging from 2.5 x 1.25 to 3.1 x 2.1 metres. The saws offer cross, rip, plunge and bevel cutting capabilities, with no repositioning of the work piece, in a cut depth of up to 38mm. For work involving smaller sheets, material supports are movable from the bottom of the saw frame to the mid-point. Switching from saw head to router head takes only seconds, enabling the user to precisely cut, groove and edge a work piece in one operation.


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