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Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome!

 Sign Directions. Online! The view from here is great. I can see the whole industry and there seems to be a bit more room than we had between the covers of our old place. 

I must say, it’s great to see Sign Directions continuing its journey on the web. I love print, we all do, but, you all spoke and practically with one voice on the subject; this is how you like your content these days. Well, here we are, and here it is.

I’ll be continuing more or less where we left off with Last Word in print. Given the medium though, we’re not at all constrained by how and when the copy arrives or how long it takes ink to dry on paper. Check in often, is the indicated action; you’ll always find something new to entertain and inform.

For my part, you can expect to see a new Last Word entry every couple of weeks, which makes about twenty-five a year, rather than the eight we were rationed to in print. Don’t expect me to keep that up without some repetition – we’ll call that reinforcement, deviation or entertainment as it’s to be known, or hesitation – but not on my part.

In recognition of the miracles our new medium delivers, not only will your Last Word be online, it’ll even have a picture or two on occasions. We’ll be keeping each dose to about five hundred words, that’s half a page in old money, just to keep it as bouncy as the new medium requires.

Now that we’re reaching a bigger audience than we did when we were just ink on paper, I think I’d better introduce myself for the benefit of those who’re reading but who may not know me.

I’m Mark Godden. I came to the sign and graphics industry straight from a career in photography in the early 80s. I joined Spandex back then as a bag-carrying salesman at the very dawn of computerised signmaking and before the world had seen its first inkjet printer. My job was selling and, very soon after, marketing the world’s first computerised signmaking systems.

I rose in the ranks at Spandex to become its Board Director of Marketing and Vice President. We took the company public and moved to a full exchange listing in the 90s. The company was sold, I moved on, and today I’m a consultant working on business development, product innovations and marketing, working with some of the biggest brands in the business.

In addition to my life as a consultant, I write. Sign Directions is the focus of most of my output and it’s a combination of industry commentary and perspective and a bit of prescriptive help if I think anyone is watching.

I’ve always been grateful to Val Hirst, our beloved editor, for giving me a perch at Sign Directions. We go back a very long way. Val once worked on a magazine called Signs. Without it, I would have had nowhere to advertise the signmaking computers I was marketing in the 80s and no platform to develop the transformed industry that resulted.

Computerisation has now landed at Sign Directions. I’m really looking forward to playing my part in making it as entertaining a read here, as it was in print.

See you all soon!

Mark Godden


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