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Hot news from Eurobond Adhesives

Hot news from Eurobond Adhesives

The weather and, more importantly, the temperature can cause major headaches for signmakers particularly when they are trying to join different materials so that they work together in harmony and not against each other in hot or cold environments.

Metals, plastics and wood all have different thermal coefficient expansion rates, meaning they will expand and contract at different rates, depending on the temperature of the substrate. In addition, some metals, such as copper and brass, are highly reactive and have their own unique properties. A sign installed on a shop front in the south east of England, or perhaps a south facing sign, will, on average, receive more direct sunlight during daylight hours, thus causing the sign components to warm up and expand more. Conversely, signs installed in the northern reaches of Scotland or during particularly cold spells of weather will contract significantly. This movement, if not properly accommodated will lead to sign failure.

Acrylic sheet will expand three times more than aluminium, six times more than steel, three times more than softwoods such as pine (going across the grain) and 14 times more than pine (going along the grain). If the designer does not build in some kind of expansion joint and/or doesn’t specify and use the correct adhesive, then quite simply, the sign will rip itself apart and fail.

Eurobond Adhesives has been supplying specialist high performance adhesives into the UK and European sign industries in for over 34 years andits range of adhesives encompasses just about every signmaking application there is.

As well as designing and supplying adhesive solutions, the company uses its knowledge and experience to work with its customers, identify potential problems, offer bonding solutions and of course training, so that signmakers and fabricators can understand the correct use of the adhesives, their limitations and any necessary health and safety obligations too.


2 part structural adhesives from eurobond

When its signmaker and fabricator clients are constructing built up letters that use two different materials, such as acrylic and aluminium, which are in conflict, Eurobond recommends that they use Clear Fix flexible structural adhesive. It will bond just about any material combination and will tolerate huge thermal expansion between differing substrates without impacting on the integrity of the bond line.

Clear Fix will not discolour or turn yellow. It remains transparent and there is no visible shadow when it is backlit. It is widely used to bond acrylic faces into built up letters and for bonding fret cut letters into sign trays.

Eurobond’s range of high performance acrylic adhesive tapes includes high strength structural tapes for bonding sign channels to Dibond, stiffener bars and sheet acrylic to aluminium trays. Its unique Banner Hemming Tape withstands plasticiser migration from flexible PVC banners and does not peel or fail. Its Penloc VT Plus is widely used for bonding locators and sign channels to Dibond and bonded metal pieces can even be powder coated at 200°C in a tunnel or box oven. And of course, read or pull through marks on mirror finished and standard grade Dibond are eliminated when Eurobond’s FlexiFix or Penloc VT Plus fast curing structural adhesives are used.

For effective training and advice on the most suitable adhesive to use in signmaking applications Eurobond’s technical team is happy to advise.  Contact Eurobond direct on Tel: 01795 427888 or e-mail

For further information on Eurobonds full range of tapes and adhesive products, visit:

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