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Impressive and eye-catching

Impressive and eye-catching

ASLAN’s WrapTheHouse DFP 45, a self-adhesive film, is well-known as a rugged, weather-resistant and residue-free removable film for use in short- and medium-term outdoor applications, characteristics that made it the ideal choice for the artwork created by artists Silvia Wienefoet and Ralph Walczyk at the fortress Wilhelmsburg in Ulm, Germany.

As part of the project Pop Up Space 2018, the artists laminated the lettering ‘This is mine all mine’ onto the outer wall of the fortress Wilhelmsburg, in order to provoke a public discussion about who this revered monument of German culture actually belongs to. The answer it seems, is easy – it belongs to every single citizen of the city of Ulm. This is why the project Pop Up Space 2018 acts as a door opener to the fortress and is currently the setting for several art campaigns.

The artists Wienefoet and Walczyk were actively assisted by ASLAN’s local distribution partner, Karl Gröner in Ulm actively assisted Wienefoet and Walcyk in their endeavours by supervising during the conception of the artwork, providing the self-adhesive film and supporting the nominated signmaker during its application.

The walls of the 150-year-old fortress Wilhelmsburg presented a difficult surface for the application of self-adhesive film, as it required a product that would adhere flawlessly for the duration of the project but which could also be easily removed without leaving any residue at the end of its run. However, ASLAN WrapTheHouse DFP 45, a glossy, digitally printable film that is specifically designed for use in applications on facades and rough walls, even outdoors, without the need for lamination, more than met the challenge and the end result was both impressive and eye-catching.

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