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InkTec launches printer training sessions

InkTec launches printer training sessions

InkTec is launching a series of printer training sessions, which will begin with a Caldera workshop that is designed to help sign and display companies to streamline the printing process and minimisewasted print runs.

The sessions, whichare open to personnel from both established and new companies,aim to provide the skills and tools required to print more efficiently and effectively while also saving time and reducing costs.

The first workshop will be run in association with the software specialists Caldera and will take place at atInkTec’s Innovation Centre in Witney, Oxfordshire on the 24th February 2016. The key areas to be covered will include receipt of the initial print files, profiling, printing with spot colours, white and varnish etc., through to the production of successful  output.  In addition, delegates will be encouraged to discuss all of their printing challenges and learn how these can satisfactorily be resolved.

Head-Manifold-sdoJoey Kim, Managing Drectorof InkTec, commented:  “The nature of printing today means thatthere is always something new to learn as the number of possible applications continues to increase. We appreciate though, that It is sometimes a challenge for companies to keep up with all of the latest developments, which we is why we are offers courses that will help to provide companies with practical, everyday advice, together with the skills and confidence they need to deliver inventive new products.”

The tie in with Caldera means that many options can be explored through its user-friendly interface.  Extremely fast and stable, Caldera V10’s rapidity in RIPing files matches its intuitive workflows for particular job types, while its 64-bit data handling can RIP much larger files, thus further opening up the options with regard to transparencies and variable data.

As Joseph Mergui, CEO of Caldera explained: “Rather than corner users into a single type of production, it’s our mission to help them to take advantage of printing opportunities, wherever they lie.”

InkTecplans to run a full programme of workshops,  in conjunction with other major industry players and software manufacturers, to encourage the sharing of information, skills and ideas.

For further information on this first course, which is priced at £80.00, contact InkTec on Tel: (0)1993 862 770 or via e-mail to

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