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Innotech Digital to aid the return to profitability

Innotech Digital to aid the return to profitability
With many of the industries that have been on hold due to COVID-19 now looking towards the future with some justifiable positivity, Innotech Digital believes that print will play an important part in their recovery and accordingly, it plans to launch a range of support schemes designed to help its customers and partners get back to business.

Kieran Dallow, Marketing Manager for Innotech Digital, explained: “The sign and display sectors are very much reliant on retail, hospitality, events, tourism and all those business sectors that have been in virtual hibernation for much of the last year. As the companies operating within these sectors take their first tentative steps back to normality, we are positive that our industry will be front and centre in driving their market recovery. We are already seeing a return of commercial activity and economic growth and we want to share our upbeat vibes with our customers and partners across the UK.”

The recovery process this time is likely to have some significant differences to previous occasions where the market has recovered from an economic depression. Dallow added: “Despite falling infection rates and high uptake of the vaccine, we will continue to live with some restrictions that will have an impact on revenue and margin for some time to come. However, throughout all of this, the need for informative sales and marketing communications will be critical and for this reason, print is going to be a vitally important component of the recovery.”

Step by step, the UK economy will open up and the ability to shop, socialise and do all the things that everyone has been missing over the last year will be realised again. In fact, many economic predictions suggest that the overall economy will bounce back well and this will have a knock-on effect on many industries, not least of all the sign and print sectors.

Dallow continued: “To help things along, we will be launching a range of initiatives and support schemes to help the industry to return to profitability as soon as possible. We will announce the first of these schemes in time for the next lockdown-easing step, which we all hope will be in mid-April.

“As we come out of lockdown, there is also a feeling that there will be an opportunity to make things better than they were previously. According to the European Environment Agency, the Coronavirus crisis further highlights the urgent need to address the environmental challenges that Europe faces. The agency points out that as well as benefitting the environment, this could also be used to improve society’s general health and sense of well-being too.

“This is why it is important that the print industry can take this chance to transform itself into a truly eco-friendly sector that not only supplies environmentally sustainable print, but also controls waste through effective recycling programmes.”

He concluded: “After a really difficult year, it is great to once again be feeling confident and upbeat about the future and we really want to share this positivity.  We know that the support schemes we have planned will be welcome news for our customers. Our aim is to help the sign and display sectors to get back to business and profitability as quickly and as environmentally responsibly as possible.”

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