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ITC set to cut the mustard

ITC set to cut the mustard


On Stand F42, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will introduce a new line of cutting tools from a leading high-quality Swiss manufacturer.

The company will also promote the new coating for the established 3061 series of cutting tools for machining stainless steel and similarly exotic materials, as well as the additions it has made to the popular 180 and 4071 series of cutters.

Other new developments to be showcased include the 2041 series of cutting tools that incorporate special design features to improve swarf clearance, particularly when conducting pocketing operations on acrylic, aluminium and wood and leading to a superior quality of finish, without the need for secondary manual finishing.

ITC will also demonstrate three flute cutters that have been added to the 2091 series, as well as the 2121 series of extra-long cutters for machining difficult-to-reach surfaces. The company will also offer solutions to common cutting issues,such as de-lamination, excessive burring and poor surface finishes.

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