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It’s a frame-up!

It’s a frame-up!

Doro Tape UK has launched ArtWrap, a brand new and innovative framing system for use with canvases.

Framing a canvas the old fashioned way, using wooden stretchers, wedges and specialist tools, has always been a labour intensive exercise, but now ArtWrap enables sign and display companies to create stunning wall art in two minutes,using just a pair of scissors and a stapler.

The finished canvas is lightweight, tough and completed supported to prevent sagging and, whenfitted with the special backboard, it is easy to hang or can even be used as a stand-alone display on a shelf or dresser. For ease of printing, a template can be downloaded for each available size, while a useful demo video provides further help and assistance.

The ArtWrap system,which can also be used for mounting paper prints, ensures a professional finish to any artwork or photograph and achieves perfectly folded corners every time.

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