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It’s the big one!

It’s the big one!

Sydney-based Qudos Bank Arena has partnered with Daktronics to construct a 12-display centre hung LED video display system – the largest in the southern hemisphere.

The display features 180 portable LED panels for the eight main displays that can be dismantled and re-used in any configuration for any of the multiple events hosted at the arena.

The four largest displays, each of which measure 4.76 metres high by 8.88 metres wide and the four smaller displays at the corners of the configuration, each measure 4.76 meters high by 2.54 meters wide. These displays feature six-millimetre line spacing to provide excellent image clarity and contrast to provide a great view for every seat within the arena.

The displays are capable of variable content zoning that enables each to show one large image or to be divided into multiple zones to show any variety of live video, instant replays, game statistics, graphics, sponsorship messages and other event information.

The centrehung system includes an upper ring display measuring .63 metres high with a 55.79 metre circumference and a lower ring display measuring .63 meters high by 38.04 meters around. Both ring displays feature 10-millimetre line spacing and can include complementary information to that being shown on the main displays.

The two displays located on the underbelly of the centrehung, measuring 1.90 metreshigh by 3.49 metres wide and featuring six-millimetreline spacing, will be angled towards the sides of the arena to appeal to the seats closer to the action.

Additionally, the arena received four digital scorer’s tables to place in any configuration along the side of the playing area. Each of these displays measures .63 metres high by 2.22 metres wide and feature six-millimetre line spacing to show additional graphics, statistics and sponsorship messages throughout events.

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