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JETRIX offers a user-friendly experience

JETRIX offers a user-friendly experience

Some of the complex challenges of large format printing have been further simplified with the newest GUI update being rolled out across the complete JETRIX KX printer range.

Specifically developed with the operator in mind, the latest software update offers an enhanced user experience with the introduction of several enhanced features. These include the ability to set the lamp power on a scale of one to nine, which enables the printer to deliver greater precision in terms of adaptability to the selected media. The higher scale is better suited to use with robust firm media, whereas the lower scale enables a substrate traditionally impacted by high temperatures to be successfully output. There is also a new flood tool that enables the user to print a flood white or black layer, without the need to create a separate layer within the artwork file.

Encouraging the most effective media use and thus directly delivering cost savings, the system also offers users the capability to map and move images around more easily, thus making efficient use of the available printing space and helping to minimise the total quantity of media required.

Finally, a practical application, which nests images, enabling duplication without the need for massive RIP files every time, helps to save that most precious resource of all – time!

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