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Let there be light

Let there be light

Key information included on hoardings around the marketing suites at Redrow’s Millfields development in Hackbridge, and Saxon Square in Luton, is illuminated thanks to Zeta Specialist Lighting’s UK-manufactured Light Guide Panel.

Redrow commissioned City & County Graphics, one of the UK’s leading sign companies, which is renowned for its installations within the building industry, to create visually appealing hoardings for the marketing suites at two of its new developments.

The new hoardings feature both the company and development logos, as well as detailing opening times, telephone numbers and other essential information.

City & Graphics built the 80 metre x 2.4 metre installations using aluminium composite material, commonly known as ACM panels. Zeta’s Light Guide Panel (LGP), which is made from the highest quality acrylic, was inserted behind the panel to illuminate the logos and lettering.

The Zeta LGP uses ultra-efficient Philips Lumiled LEDs with RGB options also available; providing scope for signmakers to offer a range of different effects and mood lighting. In this case, City & Graphics opted for a purple background, illuminating the letters and logos in white.

The signmaker selected the Zeta solution for a number of reasons including a quick turnaround. As the LGP is manufactured in the firm’s UK production facility, Zeta was able to deliver within the agreed timescale. City & Graphics has also used the product in previous applications and as such, it was confident in the quality and efficacy of the solution.

Zeta’s LGP has a unique grid pattern etched into it that’s been specifically designed to deliver shadow free illumination and uniform light distribution, ensuring optimum performance. This cost-effective, space saving, easy to install solution can be used in both single and double sided applications and a waterproof option is also available, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Featuring an ultra-slim profile starting from just 6mm, the Zeta LGP is available in bespoke sizes and provides a flexible, energy-efficient solution to deliver optimum illumination across a variety of signage applications.

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