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Light up and hover!

Light up and hover!

A new lighting system has been developed by the design and innovation specialist Elexor to create an ultra modern look in contemporary corporate spaces and stylish retail and domestic interiors.

Forming part of a luxury plinth that enables objects tohover in the air at a height of up to 70 mm, the lighting is based on three elements. During its development, 70 different light sources were evaluated, in combination with 12 different types of optical fibre and 23 methods of modification.  From these 19,320 possible combinations, only a single one proved ideal.


However, according to architect and designer Eugenia Neubauer, the end result is,“an absolutely amazing sight that transforms a whole room!”  She added: “It is a stand-out signature item, even when used in the most luxurious surroundings and provides a continuing source of inspiration.”

The two light-carrying fibres are 1800 mm long and,when placed inside the glass column, the reflections they create give the impression of afar greater number of light sources. The brightness is scaled for daylight, but after dark the effect intensifies and illuminates the room in a unique way. The two powerful light sources generate over 4000 lux at a distance of 300 mm, which favourably compares with a conventional office workplace that requires only 500 lux.

The luminous display may initially distract the viewer from the object, such as a filled cognac glass, hovering above the column. But once spotted, the floating object instantly grabs viewers’ attention and, if so tempted, they can even insert their hands between the object and the plinth without disturbing it in any way.


The intelligent magnetic fields keep jewellery, model cars or even mobile phones intriguingly airborne and gently rotating. When the hovering platform is pushed down, it bobs up and down and stays airborne. The floating zone is limited to the central area and a weight of up to 585 grams. Prior to the introduction of intelligent magnets, this effect could only be achieved when using superconductors and at very low temperatures.

Elexor’sManaging Director, Oliver Plantenberg explained:  “Regardless of how impossible this seems, it is now reality, and you can see and touch it. But you cannot compare it to anything, because there is nothing to compare it with.”

The plinth illustrated is Endless Flash, which is designed for use in exclusive surroundings, such as yachts, domestic living spaces, or corporate offices.

The product, whichwill enjoy an official launchat the Masters of LXRY exhibition that takes place in in Amsterdam on 7th-17thDecember, 2017, is currently available from Elexor.

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