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Light control

Light control


According to LED signage specialist Applelec, there are many different takes on how to achieve special effects. The company is currentlyfocussing on the use of control systems to achieve the best special effects by programming its LED-illuminated signs to react to the environments in which they are installed.

Now being used in selective new projects is the company’s DimX sensor that enables a sign to react to ambient light levels by dimming or brightening the LED modules in accordance with user preferences. The sensor features three distinct programming options to suit different location or environmental requirements.

The first option works by dimming the LED modules during hours of daylight and then gradually increasing the level of brightness during the night. The second option enables full brightness during daylight hours where maximum visibility is required, for example, in a retail environment and then gradually reduces the intensity of light as nighttime sets in. The third option is designed to save energy costs and reduce night time light pollution by making the level of illumination commensurate with the gradual reduction in ambient light.

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