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Making business easier

Making business easier

Metamark is no stranger to growing markets and driving technical developments, but its latest initiatives are centred on a different aspect of its business, albeit one that’s important to both current Metamark customers and to those it may yet attract.

What’s more, the whole programme is being driven from the top, with Metamark’s CEO, Paul French explaining:  “What we aim to achieve, is to make a great business with highly regarded products and services even better and, to this end, we’ve identified opportunities for improvement and reacted where we’ve found them. The outcome, we hope, will be a great all round experience for our customers, both present and future, as it will make doing business with us even easier.”

According to Paul French, the application of Metamark’s service-led standards extends across the company’s entire customer base. He says: “Customers buying very large volumes of materials from Metamark may pay different prices to those who only need small amounts, but our service standards simply don’t discriminate. We’re here to supply what’s needed, and to make life easier for everyone we do business with, from the biggest company to the very smallest. So if you happen to feel marginalised in your supply arrangement because your business is at the stage where its volume is still building, then we’ll will welcome you with open arms!”

And since Metamark recognises that one of the most challenging aspects of running a business often lies in the opening of an account with a potential supplier, it is launching a new initiative designed to make it much easier in the future.

Paul French continues: “The programme we are introducing is identified by its own billing, as in  ‘Got a minute? Get an account’.

We realise that businesses of all shapes and sizes have to jump through equally assorted hoops to get a business account opened and so we’ve set out to flatten that problem at source. Now, instead of the very intimidating set of formalities you might have to navigate elsewhere, all we require is little more than the exchange of some very basic information and a digital signature. It doesn’t take long at all, hence, the name.”

Paul goes on to observe: “When you remove the hurdles, you create a better climate for business to take place, and, when it’s coupled with a good product offering, it becomes a better deal all round.”

He concludes: “People gravitate naturally towards things that are easy to operate and we’ve made having a business relationship with us just that. If that sounds like a good deal why not give us a call?”

Why not indeed!


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