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Making IMAX a winner

Making IMAX a winner

At the recent Lux Awards 2016 LED lighting specialists Bright Green Technology scooped the award for ‘Outdoor Project of the Year’ in respect of its lighting scheme for the IMAX cinema near London’s Waterloo Station.

The judges, who made their decision following site visits and full evaluation of the shortlisted entries, decreed that Bright Green’s work on the IMAX used lighting and control to ‘bring the building alive’.

The award was presented at a Gala Dinner, in front of 850 lighting professionals.

Operated by Ocean Outdoor on behalf of the British Film Institute, the IMAX cinema is the country’s most advanced out of home creative media theatre and boasts the UK’s biggest cinema screen, measuring a whopping 20 metres high x 26 metres wide.  In addition, it also offers the largest advertising canvas in Europe.

In order to maximise the cinema’s promotional potential, Bright Green Technology, was commissioned to devise a lighting scheme that would further enhance the site’s impressive credentials as a bespoke advertising medium, while also improving sustainability and upgrading control functions.

The company began by swapping the structure’s existing fluorescent tubes for 33,500 energy-efficient LEDs housed within 800 individual fittings. As well as providing a dramatic improvement in display quality, the use of LEDs also eliminates the labour costs associated with tube replacement and provides a safer working environment for posting and maintenance operators working on the site.

In addition, Bright Green Technology installed an RGB fixture onto each stanchion, each of which can be individually controlled between the top, middle and bottom, while the entire drum was split into four zones: north, south, east and west and adornedwith 480 different fixtures in 120 zones, thusproviding a potential palette of over 16 million colours.

The new lighting system is powered by software that enables the use of a series of dynamic lighting techniques, including Reveal, Horizontal Transition, Motion Bars, Spotlighting and Vertical Transition, all of which can be used by advertisers to animate their creative content and attract a heightened level of engagement.

The dynamic control interface was customised specifically for the site, and facilitates remote operation via a secure Internet connection, enabling IMAX to integrate with external triggers, such as social media or awareness campaigns, within 30 minutes.

With its unique 360-degree, 1734 sq. m facade and central location, the IMAX is iconic premium digital out of home at its best. Its mammoth messages are now brighter and much more consistent in qualityas well as being 77 percent more energy-efficient and reducing the building’s carbon footprint by over 97 tonnes per year. The response from agencies, brands and cinema goers has been overwhelmingly positive, with Catherine Morgan, OceanOutdoor’s Head of Creative Solutions, opining: “This project has been all about taking the technical and back end capabilities of the IMAX and shifting them into what becomes an incredibly creative media theatre. There is nothing else like this in the world. It brings the IMAX into the digital age and provides both the advertiser and consumer with a much better experience of a true advertising icon!”


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