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Making the message stick

Making the message stick


The ticket office at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium recently underwent some improvements, with the ambient graphics being provided by Richard Dawson’s Valley Group using Metamark materials.

Metamark etch effect films seemed the obvious choice for the glazed surfaces that are often a mandatory requirement in public spaces, as markings made with etch effects are clearly visible without significantly impeding the passage of light.

However, the stadium’s revamp also required some of its large, painted steel pillars to be wrapped with images of sportsmen, a commission that proved a bit more challenging, as the pillar’s surfaces were such that the graphics needed more sticking power than that provided by a regular adhesive bond.  Accordingly, Valley Group selected Metamark MDP-H to help it provide the required effect.  Metamark MD-PH prints like other Metamark MD-Class films, but is particularly suited to use with low energy surfaces and in particular apolar plastics, as the characteristic black rim of exposed adhesive normally found when adhesive materials are applied to such surfaces, is notably absent.

Happily, Liberty Stadium’s management team was so pleased with the result that it is now planning to further extend the scope of the revamp and naturally, Valley Group is very happy to oblige!

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