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Maximising opportunities

Maximising opportunities

With a long and successful history in the graphics arts industry as a provider of various imaging technologies, Agfa Graphics is now enabling customers to re-adapt existing hardware and software solutions and to re-use their investment to open up new market opportunities. Home décor is a typical example and one that is also evolving rapidly.

With the advancement of UV ink and printer technologies, wide-format printing companies are now beginning to take advantage of these new business opportunities and are starting to offer alternative solutions for décor applications that include wallpaper, flooring, furniture, art reproductions and more.

Certainly personalisation is one of the drivers when searching for non-conventional technologies, but it is not the only one. Conventional systems tend to be very effective and inexpensive for high volumes and high speed, but as a consequence a great deal of the same material needs to be stored before it is sold. In the world of décor, these markets demand more variety, more flexibility and are very often led by the to made-to-order business models. For these reasons, conventional production systems are often too expensive to keep pace with these expectations.

Further, with the advancement of UV ink and printer technologies, wide-format printing companies are now beginning to take inspiration from substrates such as natural stone and marble for use in decorative applications.  For example, by printing on a veneer base suing the Agfa Graphics Jeti Titan UV inkjet printer they are able to produce a very convincing marble like effect.  In the same way, the printer can also be used in conjunction with PVC foam boards to simulate realistic looking wood effects for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as furniture, cabinets, door panels and trim boards.

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