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Meeting a need

Meeting a need

The continued search by signmakers for lighter, thinner, ‘greener’ and ultimately cheaper materials has driven Innova Solutions to develop a new and improved addition to its NovaBond High Strength Bonding Tapes portfolio.

The new XS range embodies the constant research undertaken by Innova and its key partners to keep pace with and offer solutions for bonding requirements to new powder coating and paint systems and the adoption of recycled substrates. Collectively, these can exhibit very low and often inconsistent surface energies that make them difficult to bond.

With a range of crystal clear, white, grey and black products available in a thickness ranging from 0.25 to 0.22mm as standard and providing slit widths from six up to 900mm with a 0.5mm tolerance, the NovaBond XS range covers all eventualities. Further complementary developments to the range will be the launch of two new surface primers, the first of which, NovaBond Metal Surface Primer is specific to bare metals, while the second, NovaBond LSE Surface Primer is designed to act on low surface energy substrates, such as recycled plastic and powder coatings. This will make them more receptive to the functional groups within the NovaBond adhesive matrix.

Innova has also introduced the NovaBond OP range. As the name implies, this comprises a group of selective products designed to deliver optimum performance on applications where ultimate bond strength is not critical and where price is a motivating factor.


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