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Mimaki launches a compact, full-colour 3D printer

Mimaki launches a compact, full-colour 3D printer
Mimaki’s exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland, Hybrid Services, has announced the launch of the new compact, full-colour Mimaki 3DUJ-2207 UV Inkjet 3D Printer.

Previously the first to bring over 10 million colours to the 3D printing market with its larger-scale industrial counterpart, the 3DUJ-553, Mimaki now combines the same colour range and build quality in a compact, affordable solution with which it aims to extend the reach and accessibility of its 3D printing technologies to a new segment of customers.

The company claims that its latest 3D printing solution represents a huge step forward for detailing and post-processing, by offering a unique combination of full-colour capabilities and water-soluble support materials, thus enabling super-fine details to be printed in vibrant colour, and then preserved without the substantial breakage risks usually associated with manual cleaning, painting and finishing. With additional features such as Mimaki’s trademark clear resin, which can be used alone or mixed with colours to achieve varying levels of transparency, the new 3DUJ-2207 3D printer offers a robust, advanced 3D printing solution with an affordable price tag, which is also sufficiently compact to fit into an office elevator.

Hybrid’s Managing Director, Brett Newman commented: “The new Mimaki 3DUJ-2207 delivers a powerful solution for the 3D print industry, while also setting a fresh benchmark for price and performance with its incredible feature set.

“By including the significant functionality already proven on the larger Mimaki 3DUJ-553, we anticipate strong uptake from companies seeking to commence full-colour 3D production.

Dana Drion, Senior Marketing Manager at Mimaki Europe added: “Here at Mimaki, we do not stop at developing disruptive technologies – we make it our business to look way beyond this, by continually striving to find ways in which we can accelerate the adoption of these technologies and drive the wider industry forward.

“Our new 3DUJ-2207 3D Printer is a prime example of this. We had already raised the bar in 3D printing by delivering the world’s first 3D printer with over 10 million colours, but now, with the 3DUJ-2207 3D Printer, we are bringing these 10 million colours to a host of new customers, which in turn means new applications and an even quicker uptake of 3D printing technologies as a whole.”

Set to be commercially available worldwide from January 2021, the 3DUJ-2207 has been designed with functionality at its core, with the compact design and a 203 x 203 x 76mm build space just two of many key features that demonstrate its unique versatility and make it ideally suited for use in office environments. Furthermore, its quiet performance and optional deodoriser help to minimise some of the primary disruptions usually associated with 3D printing technologies, ensuring maximum workability in busy workspaces.

Using UV-curing inkjet technology, the expansive high-definition colour expression made possible with the Mimaki 3DUJ-2207 3D Printer is around twice that of powder bed manufacturing methods. This provides new opportunities for prototyping and facilitates the accurate reproduction of the subtle colour differences that are critical for many industrial design applications, such as medical and architectural modelling. Additional applications include the creation of small-scale models for design offices and educational settings, as well as collectable figures.

Drion concluded “By combining our technological expertise with a wealth of industry experience and market insight, we have been able to create an innovative, inspired solution that merges functionality, affordability and design in a way that really will be game-changing for a lot of creators. This launch will deliver a world of new possibilities to designers and product developers who would previously have deemed high-definition full-colour 3D printing to have been beyond their reach, and that is something we are extremely proud of.”

The Mimaki 3DUJ-2207 3D Printer will be exhibited online at Formnext Connect and as part of Mimaki’s latest virtual event, the Mimaki 3D Experience, which runs from 10th November to 16th December.

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