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Modex goes for a soft touch

Modex goes for a soft touch

With a 20 year plus history of providing exhibition and event stands, Modex continues to add new products and capacity to its product portfolio with further investment in Mimaki printing hardware.

A new UJV55-320 3.2m LED UV roll-to-roll grand format printer has joined the hard-working JFX200-2513 8’ x 4’ LED UV flatbed printer and an array of finishing kit at its Oxfordshire headquarters. Ordered at Sign & Digital UK from Mimaki authorised partner, CMYUK, the UJV55 provides Modex with the ability to print fabric graphics in house, thus leading to a surge in demand for the new-style stands.

The company’s director, Rob Brooks cites the ability to offer increased choice as key to his decision to invest in the new Mimaki machine. He said: “We already produce 50 to 60 stands a month using our Mimaki JFX to print directly to foamboard and we’re now able to guide our clients on a design-by-design basis as to the best solution for their exhibition requirements.”

Brooks anticipates the adoption of the fabric graphics will gradually gain parity with the number of modular paneled systems the company is producing, thus complementing rather than replacing this part of the business.

He continued: “By combining both print techniques, we’re able to offer clients an increased range of shapes and structures with which to make their stand. The UJV55-320 enables us to produce seamless graphics that fit into a tensioned frame system that’s light, easy to handle and quick to build.”

In addition, fabric graphics offer a significant green advantage too. Brooks observed: “By weight, at least 95 percent of the stand is recyclable, reusable or repurposable.”

And the company has also demonstrated a further advantage – ease of transport. For example, at a recent exhibition in Portugal, the design file for the printed graphics arrived two days after the trucks had left Modex’s UK offices.

“We printed the fabric panels, loaded them into a small suitcase and one of the team simply took them as hand luggage on their flight to Lisbon,” Brooks recounts.

Installed alongside an AE sewing machine to finish the Pongs fabrics also supplied by CMYUK, Modex opted to retrain members of its existing graphics team to handle the finishing of the printed material.

Brooks recalls that as the printer and the sewing machine were so easy to use, training was very quick, enabling Modex to be up and running in no time. In fact, it was the inherent challenges of working with fabric compared to rigid board that took the most investigation.

Brooks reported: “Through trial and error, we determined the exact stretch of the material. To ensure our usual high quality of finish, we have to precisely calculate the effect of pulling it into a tensioned system. However, we’ve really simplified this for our clients, by supplying an easy to use template that includes cut and bleed marks that guarantee they’re generating the designs accurately, right from the start.”

Such has been the take up by both Modex’s new customers and its existing client base, Brooks is already looking to the future. He concludes: “It would be no exaggeration to say that this side of the business has grown so fast, that we’re already looking at a second Mimaki UJV55-320 to add to our line-up!”

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