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NeonLux dazzles at Winter Lights festival

NeonLux dazzles at Winter Lights festival

For this year’s Winter Lights festival in central London, Applelec worked in collaboration with art design studio Kinetech Design to create new, neon-style signage to enhance the event.

Held in one of London’s major business districts, Winter Lights returned for its fifth year, illuminating Canary Wharf with 21 unique and interactive light art installations. For the event, Applelec’s acrylic, neon-style LED letter range, NeonLux was selected to recreate the Winter Lights logo, replacing the previous fragile neon glass signage with a more robust and energy efficient solution.

Keith Watson, Visual Arts Curator of Canary Wharf Group explained: “One of the themes for this year’s Winter Lights event was sustainability, which we wanted to echo in the event branding by using a more environmentally friendly system to the previous neon glass signage. With its use of low energy LEDs, Applelec’s NeonLux really delivered on this, while also providing the added advantage that the sturdiness of the acrylic letters will enable them to be used again at future Winter Lights events.”

Manufactured from 30mm thick block acrylic, the Winter Lights logo was mounted on to a rustic metal mesh framework, where the stacked letters reached a height of 1675mm and spanned a total width of 3605mm. Delivering striking and even illumination, the lettering was embedded with crisp white, 6500K SloanLED LED modules to provide dazzling face illumination for the NeonLux lettering, thus providing eye-catching and impactful signage at the entrance to the event.

Andy Armitage, National Product Manager for Applelec’s Display Division said: “NeonLux can be manufactured in a wide variety of styles to faithfully replicate the previous signage and in this instance, the artwork for the new logo featured rounded ends to mirror the design of traditional glass, neon letters. The robust construction of the acrylic letters combined with the cool running of the thermally managed, SloanLED LED modules means that the product is safe to touch, making it the ideal choice for this low-level installation.”

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