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Neschen announces new sales structure

Neschen announces new sales structure

Neschen AG has begun to devolve its direct sales in Germany, the Benelux countries, Italy and Austria, prior to running its end-user business under the Filmolux brand.

Shortly thereafter, these sales will managed by independent trading companies, whose operations will be modeled on the French Filmolux branch, and trade under the auspices of the Filmolux Group.

Erik Geutjes, designated Managing Director of Filmolux Benelux commented: “The Filmolux strategy has already been proven in Italy and France, so the next logical step is to replicate it in Germany and Benelux.”

Oscar Mateo, the future Managing Director of Filmolux Germany added: ”The processes uses in direct sales are very different from those used in retail distribution and by separating these activities we will be able to further specialise, which will benefit both Neschen and Filmolux and of course, most importantly, our customers too.”

In future,Neschenintends to focus more intensively on the development of new products and will be introducing a new beta tester program in order to better tailor its offerings to suit the individual requirements of its customers.  To that end, it will be further strengthening both its research and development department in Bueckeburg as well its intelligence gathering resources.

HenrikFelbier, CEO and Board Spokesman of Neschen explained: “Even after hiving off direct sales, we will still be retaining our close ties with customers. 

We want to expand our proven strengths and believe that this new modus operandi will deliver positive results for both the Neschen and Filmolux companies, while enabling them to collaborate closely and keep pace with the level of innovation required to service an industry that is constantly demanding new, better and more precisely customised solutions.

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