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Neschen extends the range of Solvoprint glass deco

Neschen extends the range of Solvoprint glass deco

Neschen Coating has further extended its Solvoprint glass decorative film with four new additions, including two new colours, Mint and Rose and two new finishes, Glass Deco Frosted and Glass Deco Dusted.

The new Solvoprint Glass Deco Mint and Rose shades, which reflect current trends in interior design, are both particularly suited for use in spring and summer seasonal advertising campaigns and also for long-term application.

The new Solvoprint Glass Deco Frosted offers the light silver effect of a sandblasted glass finish, while the Solvoprint Glass Deco features the milky white effect of milk glass. Both offer extended options to interior designers and architects to create decorative transluscent features on glass.

In common with the other films in the Solvoprint range, all four of the new films are dry-apply, thus eliminating the need to use liquids and saving time during applications. The use air-matrix technology, where fine air channels in the adhesive, facilitate fast application and re-adjustment eliminating bubbles and creases.


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