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New diamond polishing machine gives acrylic the edge

New diamond polishing machine gives acrylic the edge

Leading supplier of flame/diamond polishing, heat-bending and edge-bevelling solutions to the sign and display, plastics fabrication and general engineering industries, Alton-based Awltech PFE has now introduced a new diamond polishing machine.

Called the AMI-c, it has been developed primarily for the edge-finishing of acrylic and its plastic derivatives that are used extensively by these industries.

Available in a choice of two models with respective processing lengths of 2.1 and 3.1m, both machines will polish material up to a thickness of 120mm at 90 degrees and up to a thickness of 80mm at 45 degrees. Both machines will also polish bevels at up to 60 degrees.

The AMI-c diamond polishing machine incorporates a number of new performance-enhancing features, optional processing tools and benefits. These include, as options, a tilting front stop that enables bevelled multiple sheets of material to be stacked and polished in a continuous cycle and an integrated mop-like polisher that removes any film marks, scuffs and other surface imperfections before the material is removed from the machine. A major benefit of the AMI-c machine is that it provides Ethernet connectivity to allow remote access to online technical support and help.

A range of diamond polishing tools is also available to accommodate different types of material and to provide a choice of finishes such as high gloss, gloss and matt. A brochure with full technical specifications and video links to enable access to machine demonstrations can also be provided on request using the address.

For further information on the AMI-c diamond polishing machine and associated products, telephone 01420 525222 or visit:

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