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A new partner for Metamark’s MD5

A new partner for Metamark’s MD5

Metamark MD5 digital media, which is chosen and specified around the world by sign and graphic producers and brands who value its enduring quality and reliable performance, now has a stablemate in the form of MD5-H.

MD5-H shares all of MD5’s inestimable qualities,in terms of the formula and face-film,but  adds something extra that enables it to be successfully used on surfaces that traditional pressure sensitive adhesives find challenging in terms of ultimate bond. These include low energy plastics, such as the materials used to produce bins, canoes and other large moulded goods.

It can be printed with any digital ink species and yields deeply saturated results to deliver the vibrant coloursthat advertisers prefer and sufficient definition to satisfy even the most critical eye and demanding application.

It is also a much more dimensionally stable film than others targeted at similar applications, as, rather than shrinking and leaving a rim of exposed adhesive that rapidly attracts dirt and thus becomes discoloured,it steadfastly maintains its position throughout.

However despite the very high ultimate bond achieved, MD5-H is also surprisingly compliant during application, thanks in part to its matched, lay-flat liner that releases easily but also assures long term reliability, as the applied graphic builds to its design-bond even on difficult surfaces.

As with all of its products, Metamark offers full technical support and backup and welcomes application enquiries.

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