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New router head for Zapkut ZM vertical panel saw

New router head for Zapkut ZM vertical panel saw

British vertical panel saw specialist Zapkut has introduced an all-new floating router head option for its ZM moving column vertical panel saw range.

The new router head will be of particular interest to those whose manufacturing process includes the grooving or edging of timber, timber-related sheet products or signmaking materials. Switching between saw and router heads is quick and easy, enabling a single operator to swiftly size and rout sheet materials with no workpiece repositioning.

Depth of groove is set with a simple twist dial, while the router head’s ‘floating’ design ensures a consistent depth of cut, even on flimsier materials that may bow and bend. In conjunction with the robust, precision engineering in the ZM frame, this makes accurate grooving rapid and straightforward.

Keith Bunker, Zapkut’s Managing Director, believes the new router head will be popular with the ZM range’s key customer base, namely smaller signmakers and woodworkers with limited space, budgets and cutting requirements. He explained: “For decades, vertical panel saws have largely been the sheet cutting tool of choice for larger businesses with significant cutting loads, and workshops and budgets to match. However, the ZM range is designed specifically for the smaller operator as it is compact, simple to set up and operate, and is priced from just £2,495.”

The ZM moving column vertical panel saw range caters for sheet sizes ranging from 2.5m x 1.25m to 3.1m x 2.1m, offers cross, rip, plunge and bevel cutting with no workpiece repositioning and a cut depth of up to 38mm. Sheet supports are movable from the bottom of the frame to the mid-point, for work on smaller pieces. Switching from saw head to router head takes just seconds, enabling the user to precisely cut, groove and edge a workpiece in one operation.

Signmaking applications will include the V-grooving of composite materials, such as Dibond prior to folding, to create light boxes and similar products, while woodworkers will find the router head invaluable for the creation of grilles and decorative edges.


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