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Nova is a star!

Nova is a star!


First established in 2005 by Paul Vickery and Paul Harvey, who had previously worked together for a rival aluminium supply company, Nova Aluminium is both celebrating its landmark l0th anniversary whilst also keenly anticipating the next decade.

The two Pauls, who are both Bristol born and bred, describe their decision to establish their own business as a wholly organic one, with Paul Vickery explaining: “When we first started, we had just four employees and now our team has grown to over 50, although happily, three of the original four are still with us and, in fact, 60 percent of our people have stayed with us for over six years.”

hendy-carstoreHe added that the name ‘Nova’was chosen because it means ‘new’ in Latin, something that seemed to be very apt when the duo first embarked on their new adventure. He said: “In addition, we were aware that a Nova is one of the brightest stars in the heavens and, since it also spells Avon backwards, it cryptically reinforces our loyalty to our great city too!”

When reflecting on Nova’s success to date, Paul observed that its fresh approach to product development, plus its service offering and continual reinvestment programme has enabled it to steadily grow its market share.

He said: “At the beginning we were operating from one main building that housed our offices, workshops and some warehousing, with a single satellite unit nearby. Nowadays, we still work from the same main headquarters, but we’ve had to expand into five new satellite units in order to meet the current level of demand.”

In the same way, whereas in the beginning, the company had a only second-hand Mercedes sprinter van, it has since graduated to a transport fleet that comprises three brand-new sprinter vans and two specially commissioned curtain-sided trucks, to carry both fabricated goods and profiles, thus helping ensure that customers’ goods are safely delivered in pristine condition.

novatexPaul commented: “As any successful business understands, consistent and reliable delivery service is a vital part of our offering,which is why we invested in our own delivery vehicles and drivers.After all, you can produce the greatest product in the world, but if it regularly arrives late or broken you’ve lost a customer.”

According the Paul another important component of Nova’s success is the level of helpful advice and information that it can pass on to its customers.  He opined: “Good product knowledge is essential when selecting the ideal solution to meet customers’ needs and to this end, all of our staff have been thoroughly trained in every aspect of the systems we supply. Luckily,a good proportion had already gained sound industry experience when they started with us and this has proved to be an invaluable asset. We are very proud of our team; we have chosen well and they have rewarded us with hard work and loyalty. By small way of thanks, we will be hosting a family fun day at a local rugby ground for all our employees and their families this summer, which should prove to be a very entertaining event!”

Ashopfloorlthough Nova always strives to do its best for its customers, Paul readily admitted that sometimes things do go awry.  He says: “In a perfect world we would satisfy our customers 100 percent of the time, but if things do go wrong, which is rarely, we believe in dealing with the problem with the same energy and enthusiasm that we put into winning the sale, in fact more. Customers always remember when issues are properly resolved and we believe they appreciate the fact that we accept responsibilityand do our best to put things right as speedily and efficiently as possible.”

Over the past 10 years the two Pauls have seen the industry change considerably and have tried to keep apace of the new directions with the timely provision of new products.  However, Paul maintained that the original classic products that have always formed the bedrock of Nova’s portfolio, such as Novacase, Novatrim and Novaflex, are all still very much in demand,even though, these days, they are mostly illuminated with LEDs, rather than traditional fluorescent tubes.

Looking to the future, he believes that during the next 10 years digital signage will gain real momentum and promised: “We’ll always embrace the new and will always ensure that whatever signage developments come around the corner, we’llbe able to provide the perfect aluminium system to house them!” And in so doing, will further underline the fact that Nova really is a star!

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