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Octink selects DIBONDdigital

Octink selects DIBONDdigital

3A Composites and Antalis UK have revealed that from July onwards, Octink, one of the country’s leading producers of signage, graphics and decorated interiors will become an exclusive DIBONDdigital user in the UK. 

Explaining his company’s decision, Octink’s Managing Director, Mike Freely, said: “DIBONDdigital is a high quality printing substrate, made in Germany, which has a lacquer system that is optimised especially for direct to substrate digital printing, which enables us to reproduce very fine structures and lines at an increased printing speed. In addition, it is UV-resistant and can be used with temperatures up to 80°C which means that firstly, our UV lamps don’t cause any distortion and secondly, the material is outdoor durable.”

DIBONDdigital, which is fully REACH and RoHoS compliant, is widely specified for use in a vast range of internal and external sign and graphic applications where there is a need for high quality imaging and long service life, making it the ideal choice for Octink’s varied projects.

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