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On the edge in Dubai

On the edge in Dubai

Dubai Airport, which is already the world’s busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers, specified Bright Green Beam, a new LED edge lighting system from Bright Green Technology, which is designed for use for use with projecting signs and lightboxes andcomplements the existing Bright Green range of solutions for sign illumination.

So far, the project has seen the system installed into thousands of signs in Terminal 3, the exclusive Emirates terminal and by the time the project is finally completed in 2020, Bright Green will have supplied lighting for all of the wayfinding signage in every terminal throughout the airport.

Bright Green Beam is a development of the existing Bright Green Beam edge lighting system and now comes as a fully encapsulated, IP65 rated module, thus making it more robust and suitable for outdoor use.

Bright Green Beamfeatures specially designed lensed LEDs that redirect otherwise wasted light towards the illuminated surface toensure bright, uniform lighting while also eliminating the stripes associated with fluorescent tubes.

Using LEDs specified and optimised for close binning, high lumen efficiency and lumen maintenance, its is a very effective, energy efficient way to illuminate single and double sided projecting signs and lightboxes with depths greater than 50mm.

Available as either a one or three LED module to facilitate complete design flexibility and with the option of constant current or constant voltage, it is offered in a choice of Cool White ( 5700, 6500K), Neutral White (4000K) and Warm White (3100K).  It requires no maintenance and uses a low power system that delivers energy savings of up to 88 percent when compared with fluorescent tubes.

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