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Open for business

Open for business

Window graphics, like windows themselves, come in all sorts of shapes and size and some are definitely more distinctive than others. Jonathan Dudley and the team at D-Sign Studio in Milford Haven seem to have found a winning formula.

When Justin’s Joint, a new butcher in Pembroke Dock, needed to tell the world it was open for business, D-Sign Studio obliged with a set of eye-catching applied window graphics made from printed Metamark Crystal Etch window film.

Metamark Crystal etch is designed to be receptive to print and yields results that can be used to reflect interior ambience with subtle colour and shade or to really turn heads with more colour applied and a design supporting the intent. EcoSolvent inks in particular work well thanks to their transparency and vibrant nature.

In the case of Justin’s Joint, the intention was to bring the new company’s logo to the fore. The well-designed graphics amount to PoS, as heir reach is extended to the pavement and beyond. The fact there’s a butcher’s business behind the glass is obvious as, despite the attention-grabbing graphics, there’s enough space to support the interior view and the whole effect works brilliantly.

The printed and applied film still admits light into the shop, but leaves passers-by in no doubt where they need to turn when meat is on the menu.

It’s a great job and makes the point that print-enhanced etch can be pressed to really creative purposes. It obscures the view, but not the message. The effect is priceless and, unlike the ‘real’ thing, this etching can be removed when needed with no disruption to the glazing or to the business operating behind the window.

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