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Orafol reflects

Orafol reflects


The visibility of utility vehicles is paramount to the safety of motorists and utility workers everywhere, not least of all, because they after in use in low-light conditions when electrical power is switched off.

With this in mind, ORAFOL offers a full range of pre-printed fleet marking films, which includes materials in all relevant grades of reflectivity, from glass bead commercial grade films, to prismatic films for extra long distance visibility.

Now the company has launched yet another prismatic film for this market, ORALITE 5921M Prismatic Fleet Marking Grade, thus further expanding the range, which now includes two varieties of prismatic films, as well as high intensity and commercial grade product options.

The 5921M filmis constructed as a single layer metallised film, thus eliminating the risk of any water or dirt ingress at the edges, without the need for edge-sealing. The film is highly flexible, making application very easy and approved to DIN 30710, as well as the French TPESC, and comes with a five-year durability.

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