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The outstanding option

The outstanding option

When Gordon Speirs was looking for a wall saw for his Lincoln sign and graphics business, The Sign Shop, he found several cheap but poor quality machines, and many very expensive machines, but few options in between.

Established in 1996, The Sign Shop specialises in the production of signs, vehicle graphics, labels, printed promotional gifts, flatbed printing and exhibition materials, serving a wide range of businesses located in the Lincoln area.

Until mid-2013, Gordon had relied on buying Dibond, Foamex and other sheet materials cut to the sizes required for each job, an approach that was workable, but also had its limitations.  He explained: ” Having sheets cut before delivery, particularly for smaller orders, was causing delays and that was a real problem, so much so, that I quickly realised that it would be much quicker for us to buy standard sheets for these jobs and cut them in house as we needed them.”

Gordon already had two fixed-blade cutters, but even so, The Sign Shop struggled to cut aluminium composites and, since it was seeing an increase in the use of such materials, he was keen to put a more capable system in place.

Realising that a wall saw would be the best tool for the job, Gordon used the Internet to research the options, but quickly ran up against an unexpected problem. He recalled: “There seemed to be plenty of cheap saws of pretty poor quality and, at the other end of the scale, some frighteningly expensive machines that were way beyond the budget of smaller signmakers like us.”

In fact, Gordon found only one range of saws in that all-important middle ground, that offered the requisite combination of excellent quality at a price he could afford: Sagetech’s Koolkut range.

The Koolkut range caters for various sizes of sheets, with the smallest model, the KK12, cutting up to 2.5m x 1.25m and the largest, the KK21, up to 3.1m x 2.1m. All Koolkuts feature an immensely strong steel frame, a moving column for easy, compact operation, innovative sealed bearings running on linear shafts (which makes them ideal for operation in dusty environments), plunge and bevel cutting, and simple and compound angle cutting to the full length and breadth of the sheet.

Installed in the summer of 2013, The Sign Shop’s Koolkut KK12 wall saw is already having a significant impact on the business. Cutting a mix of Dibond, various thicknesses of Foamex, acrylics, MDF and plywood, it has greatly improved workflow and the company’s ability to respond nimbly to customer requirements. Gordon noted: “We aren’t cutting huge amounts, often just a few sheets a day, but it’s making a big difference. It’s great to have the ability to cut materials as and when we need them!”

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