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Packaging made easy

Packaging made easy


Mimaki has collaborated with ESKO to provide The Original Goods Package System (OGPS),an innovation dsigned to simplify digital packaging production for companies that produce packaging samples and mock-ups, as well as small packaging runs and personalised packaged goods.

It comprises three different elements: the ArtiosCAD Designer Solution (ArtiosCAD DS), a subset of Esko’s industry-leading ArtiosCAD, the world’s most widely used package design CAD software, including 400 easy-to-use templates as well as tools for original package creation;

The Mimaki UJF-6042, an LED UV inkjet flatbed printer with maximum printing dimensions of 610 x 420mm, which can be used to print on products, as well as to print product packaging.

The Mimaki CFL-605RT compact cutting table, which supports on-demand production with multiple functions, including cutting and creasing of packaging material and cutting of package cushioning.

Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing of Mimaki EMEA, explained: “Packaging converters, commercial printers and design consultancies are experiencing a growing demand for a more cost effective means of producing samples, mock-ups and small lots of customised or personalised packaging and thus our goal was to simplify the process of packaging design and production to bring professional packaging design within the reach of original goods manufacturers of all sizes. By combining a subset of the market-leading ArtiosCAD software by Esko with affordable printing and cutting technology from Mimaki, our Original Goods Package System is well-positioned to change the way small lot packaging is designed and produced.”

In order to create a package design the user simply selects one of the 400 professionally-designed templates included with ArtiosCAD DS and enters the inside package dimensions and thickness of the media to be used. More detailed parameters, as well as shapes and sizes of flaps, can also be specified. The system then creates a package design file that can be imported into Adobe Illustrator to add graphics. Users can also use specialised tools to create their own custom designs and incorporate them into the final design. The system offers a total solution, not only for the design and creation of product packaging and cushioning, but also for printing directly onto a product. Users that don’t require the predesigned templates in the ArtiosCAD DS software can create custom designs using the guide function.

2_Logo-OriginalGoodsPackageSystem-sdoMike Horsten added: “Once a design is finalit can be printed in exceptional quality on the UJF-6042 in full colour and, if required, with varnish effects. The printed design can then be cut and creased using the CFL-605RT cutting table that matches the printer size. A finished package can literally be produced in minutes, either as a mock-up or sample using actual target substrates, for small lot packaging production, and even personalised or serialised packages. This total solution will enable designers, packaging converters, commercial printers, and small manufacturers to revolutionise the way they design and produce small lot packaging.”

Mimaki is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Hybrid Services and the Original Goods Packaging System (OGPS) is available from its specialist resellers as an option with the Mimaki CFL-605RT cutting plotter.

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