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Patch it up!

Patch it up!


Eurobond Adhesives has introduced MultifixProputty, a very fast curing, hard wearing putty that can be used to fill and repair holes, cracks or dents in most materials, including metals, plastics, fibreglass, Dibond, wood, concrete and stone.

Quick and easy to use to use, it is the perfect toolbox standby for all of those everyday signmaking mishaps.  For example if a hole has been accidently drilled in the wrong place, Proputty can be used to fill it and similarly, it can also be used to repair damage on the edge of a sign too.

After selecting a suitably sized piece of putty to suit the application, it can be rolled or kneaded by hand until it becomes an even dark grey colour, before being gently pressed into place.  Edges can then be smoothed using either a blade or finger and, after l0 minutes, it can be sanded to provide a smooth finish.

Proputtycan also be drilled or tapped after one hour and can even be successfully used in wet conditions or underwater.

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