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A perfect partnership

A perfect partnership


Following an increased workload, Birmingham based Brindley Design & Print recently upgraded the Anapurna M2, which it acquired in 2009, to an Anapurna M1600 in order to increase its productivity.

The company, which is managed by two directors, Phil Mander and Mark Plotnek, has maintained a number of loyal customers, several of whom are printers with whom it enjoys reciprocal agreements that involve Brindley Design & Print outsourcing its litho work and receiving display business in return. Some of this work is sample packaging, which is printed directly onto coated board using the Anapurna.

A high-speed UV curable inkjet system that is capable of printing 46m2/hr to a width of 156cms, the Anapurna M1600 has been engineered to suit sustained workloads and its white ink function creates new possibilities and opportunities.

Brindley1-copyIts four CMYK 1024 nozzel print heads, each with a droplet size of 12 picolitres, produce top quality prints at 720 x 1440 dpi on coated and uncoated roll-to-roll and rigid material up to 4.5cm in thickness, while also delivering good solids, fine text reproduction as small as 6pt, good tonal rendering and low ink consumption. The two 42 picolitre white print heads, which can print pre- or post white in one production run, are ideal for printing onto dark, transparent or backlit substrates, as well as spot white.

Explaining his company’s choice of machine, Mark Plotnek said: “We looked at several alternative printers, but having enjoyed a satisfactory working relationship with Agfa over the past few years, and having heard about others not so favourable experiences, we are very happy that we have stayed with a company we trust.”

He added: “Business is good at present, but we aim to expand further by selling our sign and display graphic services via the web, as in less than a year, this aspect of our business already accounts for 15 percent of our turnover!”

Brindley-packaging-copyPhil Mander revealed that business is also arriving by way of recommendation from educational academies, saying: “The academies initially approached us for posters, but we quickly progressed to the provision of up displays and we are now producing and installing large scale exterior building signage too, using the services of scaffolders and cherry pickers. The new M1600 has performed very well, although we have still to properly make full use of all its features which we believe, we open up lots of new and exciting avenues in the future.”


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