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Perspex Distribution’s new LED light sheet is thin and flexible

Perspex Distribution’s new LED light sheet is thin and flexible

Perspex Distribution is now offering a 3mm thick illumination panel, its thinnest ever LED light sheet, which is manufactured by its supply partners Addlux.

Using advanced LED technology, the diodes are embedded into the ultra-thin acrylic sheet and offer the additional advantage that the sheet can be shaped by hand and fixed into position whilst retaining its even brightness.

Thinner than the old one-pound coin, the panels are ideal for use in the production of signage, displays and POS. They offer the benefits of OLED technology, but at a fraction of the cost and with a higher level of brightness.

The 3mm thick panels are made bespoke in sizes up to 2400mm x 600mm, single or double-sided and in any white colour temperature.

Furthermore, they are supplied fully assembled with pre-wired connectors, making them the easy, fail-safe solution for all illumination and back lighting applications.

Commenting on the new thin sheet, Niels Fullerton-Batten, Managing Director of Addlux said: “This remarkable new product is a lighting designer’s dream. It can be bent into concave and convex shapes or in different directions to produce an S-shape. In addition, panels can also be joined to illuminate larger areas. It offers unique lighting solutions; for example, lighting around a product, an object or a column, while also enabling users to light corners and construct curved light boxes. The possibilities are both exciting and endless.”

Perspex Distribution has been the UK supplier of Addlux light sheet since 2015 and already offers industry leading bespoke lighting solutions including panels up to 4.8m metres in length.


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