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Perspex has it boxed

Perspex has it boxed

With the introduction of the new SloanLED PosterBOX3 system, Perspex Distribution has extended the range of LED solutions it offers the sign and graphics industry.

The system was developed to facilitate the illumination of large lightboxes up to a massive three metres in width using a 1700 lumen-per-module capability to deliver one of the brightest LED solutions currently available. Each module fits easily into the lightbox frame using a built-in spacer device that ensures a perfect LED pitch and ultra-bright uniform lighting. This simple technology makes it even easier for end users to illuminate their own lightboxes and, in particular, the large textile-faced models that are a familiar sight in retail outlets.

LED technology experts are available at the five Perspex Distribution branches to provide free layout drawings and estimates as well as technical advice on the most efficient solution for specific LED projects.

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