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Picture perfect

Picture perfect


Stuart Short, founder of the House of Alexander, a Gatwick-based company that specialises in high quality picture framing for the trade, believes in having a well-equipped workshop with highly productive machines.

Having built his reputation on the production of high quality frames,only the best will do and both the frame and backing have to be just right to achieve the required effect.Following the move into his present workshop, there clearly wasn’t enough space to accommodate a table saw, but when Stuart investigated the available vertical panel saw options he discovered that invariably these were very expensive, foreign builtand far too big to fit into his work space. However, once he saw the SagetechKoolkut KK12 machine in action at a trade show, he knew that it was the ideal choice.

He explained: “When I cut an infill panel, I need to leave an even gap all round the inside of the frame, typically of about ½ mm so that I can just insert the frame hangers.  One of the things I particularly like is that I can put four sheets of 6mm backing boards on the machine and cut them quickly, easily and accurately as is evidenced when I have a bulk order for a stack of panels. Once aligned the cutting is so consistent that I can’t catch my nail between them when running up the stack”.

With its 8’ x 4’ capacity,Stuart’s KK12 is the smallest in Sagetech’sKoolkut KK range, which extends to machines with a capacity of 3.1 x 2.1 Mthat are capable of handling the larger plastic 3 x 2M sheets and the ‘jumbo’ timber based panels.

Sagetech now offers the KF range with similar sizes in its Koolkut brand, along with the Zapkut ranges, which include a lightweight portable saw for those with lighter cutting requirements.

In order to provide extra functionality it is also extending the capability of its ranges by offering router heads with most of the machines.

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