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A plethora of choice

A plethora of choice

Applelec, whichis renowned for the manufacture of its fabricated signage and display systems along with its groundbreaking lighting products, including the popular flat lighting unit, LED Light Sheet, has now introduced Borderline.

A great alternative to neon, Borderline can be cut to any bespoke sizeand installed in an individual line or shaped at 90° angles. Holding an IP67 rating for outdoor use, it is fitted with fire-retardant LEDS and the strong polycarbonate body withstands extreme weather and, as it is produced in house,it can be constructed quickly to meet tight deadlines.

BSWThe neon-like Neon flex is another popular product from Applelec’s architectural lighting range, which can be curved and shaped easily on site and cut and installed quickly and simply. This highly flexible LED rope light system, which features high brightness LEDs enclosed in a waterproof and highly durable PVC jacket, is available in red, yellow, blue, green and white.

Applelec’s award winning LED Light Sheet is manufactured in the UK to any bespoke shape or size, up to three metres, with the choice of cool white, warm white or colour-changing RGB LEDs. LED Light Sheet is often used within stencil cut panels as an alternative to modules or fluorescent tubes, as is evidenced by All Round Signs’ illuminated sign for the BSW Timber Group where it is used to illuminated stencil cut faces of a tree logo. The slimline panel can be used to enhance any sign where minimal depth is required and also eliminates the need for a back tray.

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