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Polish it perfect

Polish it perfect

Awltech PFE, a leading supplier of flame polishing, heat bending and edge bevelling solutions, has introduced its latest Diamond Edge Beveller, which will be demonstrated for the first time at the forthcoming Sign & Digital UK exhibition.

With overall dimensions (LxWxH) of 640 x 450 x 500mm and weighing 65Kg, it is a very compact machine that will fit comfortably into any production environment. One of its key attributes is the speed with which it can be programmed and operated when compared to similar equipment, as this invariably requires some time to set up and run, whereas the Awltech solution takes only a matter of seconds, thus greatly enhancing productivity levels whilst reducing machine downtime.

The Diamond Edge Beveller produces a clean and polished edge finish to plastic sheet up to a thickness of 100mm, with the bevelled edges adjustable up to 10mm. It can also be equipped with a speed-adjustable feed motor to convey and press the plastic sheet in equal proportions, with the spindle motor adjustable from 0 to 12,000RPM. A mobile base frame enables the machine to be set at the desired working height for ease of operation and to enhance operator safety and comfort.

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